Hattie Magee Myles, Ph.D. is the mother of two adult daughters and the grandmother of one grandson.  Spiritually she is a Christian rooted and grounded in the Lord and a Sunday School teacher.  Professionally Dr. Myles is a retired public servant. She received the Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Southern Mississippi, a Master of Arts degree in Romance Languages from Louisiana State University where she completed a summer of study in Spanish in Bogota' Colombia; and she completed the Doctor of Philosophy degree in Higher Education Administration with emphasis in Student Personnel at the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) in Oxford.

Dr. Myles has helped many develop through educational enrichment, motivational training, grantsmanship training, and support programs in secondary and higher education over most of her career.  She teaches human relations skills training in efforts to enhance the communication between teachers and students in the classroom and among different groups through a partnership as speaker/consultant for others and her own business, Speeches, Etc., LLC.



"My most devastating mental disturbance grew from the loss of my mother at a very early age. It was during these impressionable “Becoming” years of my life that Mama left for the day’s work with these final departing words to me, “Be good.”


"During my college and career years, I struggled with loneliness, oppression, suppression, and depression entering into foreign environments and within groups of people who had declared a mission of unity, equity, and acceptance, but reneged."