Khaalia Johnson is a masters-level Social Worker with a professional career dating back to 2013, starting in the foster care system. Shortly after, she began her journey as a supervisor for the State of MS, licensing foster homes along the Mississippi Coast. Years later, she went on to diversify her career and is now working as a Counselor in the mental health field assessing children and adults for psychiatric treatment.

Khaalia started her college career at MGCCC, graduating with an Associate of Arts degree in Human Services. In 2012, she graduated from The University of Southern Mississippi with a Bachelor of Social Work degree and then a Master of Social Work degree from The University of Alabama in 2014.

In 2016, Khaalia started a successful screen-printing business, Million Prints LLC, with her husband. She is the owner of the credit repair group, Credit Cousins, that offers credit coaching and credit repair services. She also serves as the CEO of Mprints Business Solutions, located in Gulfport, MS, offering tax return processing.

Khaalia is the oldest child of six and is the mother of one daughter, Mariah, and three bonus children. She is married to Jimmy Johnson Jr. of Greenville and resides with her family in Gulfport, MS.



"If you have ever felt someone take their last breath, it is a feeling that you will never forget. The immediate sense of overwhelming loss and confusion. The wishing for any sign of hope. But there was none. He was gone. He was dead. My life would never be the same in that one breath."


"I often had times of unexplained panic and worry but never really dealt with it until I was forced to. My father’s untimely death was the beginning of actually having to deal with it. I had to function. ."