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Sheena J. Myles is a native of Baton Rouge, LA but raised in Mobile, AL. She studied physics at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and Louisiana State University. Since moving to the MS Gulf Coast 10 years ago she has become a philanthropist and an active supporter of women’s causes and wildlife initiatives. She is a founding member of the MS Gulf Coast Black Owned Business Awards and is a Sultry Southern Sirens Burlesque troupe member.

She is a professional voice over actor, dynamic personality, interactive host, and engaging emcee both locally and nationwide. Sheena Myles is the brains behind the award-winning Words Gone Wild Open Mic Poetry, Words Gone Wild Book Store & Club, and the body positive series “Hello Pretty."

She has authored two books and still finds time to ghostwrite for others. Sheena is by trade a radio personality at WJZD (JZ 94.5), operations manager/personality at WMEJ (AM 1190/104.3FM), and owner of The Chubby CEO, Forever Young Women’s Track Club, Beehive Holistic Soul Spa.



"The lover that pushed you down, the soulmate that dropped your soul, the friend that choked your friendship and the acquaintance that wounded you are sometimes all the same person. Your cup of fear can be filled by memories of the job that you sacrificed to excel in only to have your efforts end in fingerprinting. The cup of fear can be filled by your fear of wet feet and handcuffs. It can also result in panic attacks that come when you are applying for jobs."


"Some of my most difficult moments have been when everything on my outside appeared graceful, poised and polished, while I was actually stuck in a cycle."