Level Up with the PowHer Group! Here's what you get:

This group is comprised of women who want to take goal setting to the next level.  Join us today to start on the journey of taking your life to the next level.

Benefit One

Access to our private Facebook community The PowHer Group

Benefit Two

A variety of designed-for-you templates, training, and resources.

Benefit Three

Accountability, partnership, and "pick your brain" opportunities with experts 

You'll also receive...

  • Monthly discussion topics
  • Private Facebook community for ongoing support
  • Bi-Weekly accountability calls
  • Guest Experts
  • 10% off Girls & Goals Retreats
  • Private Facebook community AND access to me (pick my brain sessions)
  • Feedback and support
  • Accountability partner & much more

This is for you if...

You are ready to move forward with optimal goal setting and know you need support

Are committed to moving forward with your goal setting and action plan but you aren't sure where to start

You’ve taken the workshop and you need someone to encourage with you along the way and HELP you execute all the knowledge you’ve learned

You know you need ACCOUNTABILITY to get things done


This Is Not For You If...

Are not ready to take action in your life and work your plan

Are still making excuses about why you aren’t thriving

Aren't willing to modify your existing way of thinking about navigating goal setting

You’re okay HOPING things get better


What happens if I need more support than the group?
You will have exclusive access for 1:1 consultation. We also have monthly coaching where you can be selected for a live 1:1 session (included in membership). 

How often do we meet?
We have bi-weekly calls and monthly training. Our meetings occur virtually via video.

What if I can’t make the live training?

It’s okay. We are working towards having all trainings are recorded and uploaded into the group.

Do I have access Jocelyn outside of the Facebook group and member portal?
Absolutely. You have email and chat support. 

What if I sign up and it’s not a good fit? 

Impossible. Seriously, if it isn’t a good fit for you for any reason you can cancel at any time, although we doubt you’ll want to!